Oocyte donation in Argentina

You have the possibility of going through an oocyte donation treatment in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a renowned and experienced professional in a worldwide known center.
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Oocyte Donation Treatment

Using a minimum of 8 oocytes: USD 8500.

If we use a minimum of 8 oocytes, apart from transferring 2 high quality embryos, it is likely (though not certain) that we could cryopreserve embryos for a second attempt.

Pregnancy rates using a minimum of 8 oocytes: 56%. Pregnancy rates with cryopreserved embryos: 25%.

Using a minimum of 8 oocytes does not guarantee that cryopreservation will be possible, for only embryos with high implantation and development potential are cryopreserved.


Embryo Cryopreservation: USD 1000.

Fees include a transvaginal ultrasound and a hormone test previous to embryo transfer, in case these were necessary.

Embryology Laboratory and Embryo Transfer procedures are included.

All the donor's expenses are included: previous tests, drugs for ovarian stimulation, follicle aspiration, etc.

There are no additional expenses (directly derived from the oocyte donation procedure) for the recipient.

Previous tests which the recipient undergoes in her country of origin are not included.

Medication used for the recipient's endometrial preparation is not included.

Medical complications, if any, are not included.


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